a bra lays by the side
of the road as I drive past
dirty pink cups
straps askew, still
perked straight up but careless
over broken glass, and I
must ask myself why she took it off
who convinced her that she
should, or was it her idea, did it
get her what she wanted
won’t she need it 
once she wakes but also, how 
did we all get to where we are
right now, this place, and will we
ever find the thing that has been lost?



  1. Most likely more was lost than her bra, but perhaps that was already gone. Or, maybe it was an all-out act of liberating freedom. I know I've wondered why I confine myself in things like a bra or dyed hair (done!) or high heels just to fit society's norms. I like to think some of those acts are out of respect for the people around me who might be planning to eat in the near future and don't want to lose their appetite. Heh. Great poem. Gives me something to ponder, especially the last line.

  2. Ha! Further proof that you're a nicer person than I am. I've never in my life put on high heels or anything else out of respect for the people around me who might appreciate it. That might be nice of me. You've given me something to ponder too.