"What?! So you spent Mother's Day alone? Why, that's terrible! It must be so hard when you have no children or grandkids close by, and even your husband out of town! Poor thing. What did you do? That must have been pretty lonely."

      "Yes, it's true, I was by myself. Let's see...I slept in, then had my favorite decadent pastry for breakfast, then got back in bed and read my book with a diet Coke. Then I went for a perfect run around the lake. Then I spent an obscene amount of time in a hot shower, then painted my toenails while I watched an episode of a guilty pleasure on Netflix. Then I took myself out to lunch. Then I went to a movie I've been wanting to see that no one would have wanted to see with me anyway, where I enjoyed another diet Coke and splurged on some candy, too. Stopped by a bookstore on the way home, since I finished my book in the morning, and browsed to my heart's content. Gorgeous walk at sunset. Then I curled up on the couch with the remote and fell into a crazy binge with a show that's been in my queue forever. I finished the day by climbing into bed early with my new book and reading until I dropped it.

So I guess you could say it was lonely, technically, but I somehow forgot to dwell on it. But you've still got a houseful! Tell me about your day. Did they spoil you?"

      "Well...hmmm. Now that I think about it, Mother's Day seems a little confusing. In fact, it's quite possible the whole world has been doing it wrong."